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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fully Legal Siri Port Available for Download Now

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Just minutes ago, jailbreak tweak developer Chpwn released Spire, the first fully legal and functional Siri port to Cydia. He worked with Ryan Petrich and Steven Troughton-Smith. This is the moment that many people have been waiting for since the release of the iPhone 4S, and up until now there have been very few apps that came close. Even of the ones that did, copyright issues and bandwidth problems led to the early downfall of almost every one. Chpwn tweeted the link to his blog post here which explains all the info one might need to know about the tweak.

The biggest problem with this tweak is that it still requires authorization from an iPhone 4S, so it adds the ability to specify your own proxy server. Chpwn suggests using this SiriProxy fork to set up a server that you can connect Spire to.

Chpwn also warns that the download is about 100 MB, so you should probably connect to WiFi before starting the download. To find the package, just search “Spire” in Cydia.

This tweak isn’t perfect, but it avoids many of the problems that previous Siri ports had, as well as being fully functional as compared to them. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to be notified if there are any major updates to this tweak.


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