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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jailbreak 5.0.1 Untethered (iOS 5) – iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 4G, 3G

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FREDDY DECEMBER 27, 2011 3,338

There are two ways to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 untethered. If you are already on a tethered jailbreak, you can just download a Cydia package, and if not you will just need to run Redsn0w on your computer.

NOTE: This will not work for the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, although those jailbreaks should be coming soon. Also, this will not work on iOS 5.0, so update to 5.0.1 before you try it.

Option 1: Already Jailbroken Tethered

If you already have a tethered jailbreak, just reload your data in Cydia and search for the package “Corona”. Install it and you jailbreak should now be untethered.

Option 2: Not Jailbroken

This will probably be the case for most people, and means that you have not had any jailbreak applied to your device. If this is so, jsut follow the directions below to jailbreak your device untethered.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Redsn0w (0.9.10 beta 1) from here. (for mac os x and windows)

(there's a new update redsnow 0.9.10 beta 2) you can get it from the above link. it basically

repairs glitch in the cydia. i recommend using beta 2.

Step 2: Open Redsn0w. You should see this screen:

Step 3: Select “Jailbreak”. You should now be at this screen:

Step 4: Plug your device into the computer and turn it off. Then click “Next >”.

Step 5: Follow the on screen directions to put your device into DFU mode. Your screen should look like this:

Step 6: Let Redsn0w complete the process, and you should be done! Leave a comment telling us how it worked for you, and subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified if and when the jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is released.

Video tutorial:

Fun stuff

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fully Legal Siri Port Available for Download Now

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Just minutes ago, jailbreak tweak developer Chpwn released Spire, the first fully legal and functional Siri port to Cydia. He worked with Ryan Petrich and Steven Troughton-Smith. This is the moment that many people have been waiting for since the release of the iPhone 4S, and up until now there have been very few apps that came close. Even of the ones that did, copyright issues and bandwidth problems led to the early downfall of almost every one. Chpwn tweeted the link to his blog post here which explains all the info one might need to know about the tweak.

The biggest problem with this tweak is that it still requires authorization from an iPhone 4S, so it adds the ability to specify your own proxy server. Chpwn suggests using this SiriProxy fork to set up a server that you can connect Spire to.

Chpwn also warns that the download is about 100 MB, so you should probably connect to WiFi before starting the download. To find the package, just search “Spire” in Cydia.

This tweak isn’t perfect, but it avoids many of the problems that previous Siri ports had, as well as being fully functional as compared to them. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to be notified if there are any major updates to this tweak.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pod2G – iPhone 4/3Gs iPod Touch 4G/3G & iPad Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon

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Adrian December 21, 2011 98

Today, Pod2G posted another video demoing the progress of the new untethered jailbreak. The main difference in this video is that he used an iPhone 4 in the demo. I feel like we say this everyday, however, the jailbreak for every device other than the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 should be coming any week now. People with new devices may not be as lucky though, as this jailbreak might not work for them. Pod2G writes that the jailbreak is near ready excluding 4S and iPad 2. Since the exploit is software based, it can be easily patched and miss the newer generation all together. Personally, I value a jailbreak for the 4s and iPad 2 greatly more than untethered for other devices. This is good news for anyone with an iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4G or below and we will have to wait and see what happens to the newest devices.

From his blog.


Here is a new video demo of the current status of the 5.0.1 jailbreak running on an iPhone 4.

This is meant to reassure people that were thinking it only works on older iPods.

The jailbreak is near ready for prime time (excluding 4S and iPad 2).

Patches are the same as redsn0w’s. Expect the same level of stability.

Some more days to wait. Be patient, we’re doing our best.


Legal Siri Port In The Works (i4Siri) For iPhone 4 / 3GS and iPod Touch 4G

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Adrian December 24, 2011 4

@MrAjsTech has posted a video showing off Siri on his iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G using a port he is developing. He is the lead developer of the i4Siri Project along with @leftyfl1p. The project i4siri is going to bring Siri to older devices. These devices include iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Potentially this port could be used on the iPhone 3GS but there are no confirmations. The overall goal is to be able to use Siri on these older devices without the regeneration of 4S auth keys.

They hope to be able to create a server that will allow users to connect when they have his cydia tweak installed. This tweak will enable a Siri GUI along with connecting the siri proxy server. Since this server is not apple’s there will be no blacklisting like h1siri.The iPhone 4 is 100% working. MrAjsTech also mentioned that he had issues with the root partition size on the 8GB iPod Touch 4G. It seemed that the native partition size that holds the iPhone OS was not big enough to hold the bigger cache file for the Siri port.

This port looks very promising. As for a release they are hoping to release the port first for people who have an iPhone 4S and then we will move on to getting the Siri Proxy server up and running. They plans are to work around the fact that the distribution of Siri files is illegal. Extracting the code from the 4S IPSW looks like the most promising solution.

If you want to more about this port check out the official i4Siri site.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

ios 5 untethered jailbreak coming very soon! iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Demoed, Will Work on 5.0 and 5.0.1

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iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Demoed, Will Work on 5.0 and 5.0.1


Big news this morning for anyone waiting for the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak. Early this morning, pod2g tweeted out a link to a video that demoed an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. Pod2g is a member of the Chrinic Dev Team, who have been working on the untethered jailbreak for quite some time. According to other tweets from pod2g and i0n1c, the vulnerability that it uses will indeed work on iOS 5.0.1, and pod2g will begin porting it soon. No news yet on whether the untether will support the iPhone 4S or iPad 2, but pod2g says that he will test them as soon as possible. While we still do t have an ETA for the jailbreak, this is definitely huge news. Check out the video demoing the jailbreak on an iPod Touch below:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

For those who fancy siri in older devices. H1siri for Iphone 4, 3gs and Ipod 4g

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How To: Install H1Siri (Full Siri Port) On iPhone 4 And iPod Touch 4G

On December 5, 2011, by Jaden

Earlier today we told you that the moment numerous people have been all waiting for is here. A developer has illegally distributed Siri in the form of a Cydia tweak called H1Siri across 3rd partyCydia repositories. The H1Siri Cydia tweak allows owners of an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G to use Siri. Unlike previous claimed ports of Siri, H1Siri is a fully functioning port of Siri meant for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. It will bring the same great Siri functionality the iPhone 4S features to these older generation Apple devices.

WARNING: H1Siri is illegal as previously mentioned. This is because the Cydia tweak contains Apple’s copyrighted GUI files. Additionally it is has been mentioned by Chpwn that installing this Cydia tweak may pose a risk of sending personal information like emails, SMS messages and your location to the creators of H1Siri.

If you have read the above warning and still want to proceed, you can follow this How To guide on installing H1Siri to your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G. We will be providing the latest H1Siri Cydia sources as they come around, and this will allow you to download H1Siri and install it to finally use this fully functioning Siri port. So get ready to get your hands dirty and let’s begin…

Download And Install H1Siri.deb

Step 1) – The first thing you need to do is Jailbreak your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G (the only iOS devices supported at this time) running the iOS 5 to iOS 5.0.1 firmware. Click here to follow a Jailbreaking guide.

Step 2) – Launch Cydia from your SpringBoard.

Go int the Manage tab > the Sources tab > tap the Edit button and then the Add button. From here you will need to type in one of the following Cydia repositories:

Note: The reason multiple Cydia repositories are listed is because, H1Siri may be taken down in the near future from one or more of the repos listed.

If you are having trouble downloading the H1Siri Cydia tweak from Cydia you can install it manually using an SSH/file-system editor program by downloading the H1Siri.deb/ file by clicking here.

Step 3) – With one of the repositories shown above added you will need to go into Cydia’s Search tab and search for:


Step 4) – When Cydia has found the H1Siri Cydia tweak you will need to download H1Siri and install it to your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G.

Step 5) – After the H1Siri Cydia tweak has been installed, reboot your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G.

Step 6) – Once H1Siri has been installed, you will need to simply go into the and enable H1Siri through the appropriate tab.

Note: If you find that Siri cannot connect to the server, then this is because there is currently too much traffic hammering the server. Sometimes you can fix this error by restarting your iOS device once again, but generally it simply means you will need to come back later.

Congratulations! You now have the fully functioning Siri port, H1Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G


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