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Monday, November 30, 2009


To whom should I give my love, my respect and my honour? Mother, mother, she is the one who deserves it. Who used to clean and cloth us? Who used to feed and always be with us? When we were sick, who stayed up whole the night to take care of us? Who used to hear us before we could talk? Who used to hold us before we could walk and when we cried who wiped our tears? It is none other than our mother.

Mother, she lights our darkness as soon as we were born into this world. A mother is never bored to take care of us even though what we did everyday might hurt and burden her. Even when she is busy, she still manages to take care of us. But when we grow up, what we do to repay her? Try to recall all the things that you did to your mother. Shout at her, did not listen to her, we do not even appreciate her when she is around. During high school, we even felt ashamed to do some shopping with her, what we care about is our dignity, scared that our friends might make fun of us. Friends are always first before mother.

Oh mother, you stand the pain for nine months and you even stand the pain when you gave birth. Oh god, thank you for my mother. She is everything to me.

Strong, cheerful and kind. That is my mother. Only you deserve it. Only you deserve my love. Only you deserve my respect. Only you deserve my honour. No one else.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

wonders of the cloud~^^

looks like phoenix~>.<
dragon's head comes out~ wooooo O.O

Thursday, November 26, 2009


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