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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beba's Birthday Outing :D

ok begini lah ceritanya..

turutan cerita ini ialah dari gambar bawah ke atas ya

once upon a time....

kami kluar makan aiskrim for beba's birthday (she's the one wearing blue :P)

tp dlm gambar xda pla eskrim?


sebelum sampai destinasi, aiskrim da hbs. aww. blame global warming XD

so kami makan la fish & chip yg da d tapau

i don't know why but maybe we looked like celebrities that day becoz everyone was staring at us esp the Omanian =____=

or maybe becoz of da rose given by T***. yup definitely :P

after sunbathing, then kami pun lari pg starbucks





wait are u expecting this to be a long story?

that's it folks~



  1. nice blog, added ur blog to my blog,

    hope to keep in touch soon


    p/s : happy birthday to the babe

  2. thanks dude for this special post =P u need to even mention who gave the roses...aigooo :p (the clue is just too obvious) hahaha

    anyway, (referring to your friends up here)thanks for the birthday wishes ;)

  3. beba: no sweat: tiada peluh :D

    asrul: tanx :DD

    ein: yup :D



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