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Saturday, February 12, 2011

you are everywhere to me

i pretended to be strong,
to walk high and never look back,
but deep inside,
there you are
on every step that i take,
every move that i make,
every words that i say,
every breath that i inhale,
you are everywhere to me,
i pretended to move on,
to fill my heart with story of joy,
of meeting others,
but it never worked out that way,
i wonder if it's because of you,
and that itself is a foolish question,
because i could never get over you,
let alone living without you,
let alone forgetting you,
i pretended that it all doesn't matter,
i braved a smile,
plastered acrossmy face,
but it feels so surreal
that i wonder
how people would actually believe it,
summer had never come since you left,
the winter had me imprisoned,
dark and cold.
i pretended 'us' had never end.
wishing hard that
all that fight never happened.
all that harsh words unspoken.
all that tears
all that sleepless night
because it's easier this way.
because i could never have lived without you~

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