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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you Apple fan product?

If you are, then you should know that Apple has introduced its latest product which is the Ipod
Nano 6th generation.
As you know, Apple product is always associated with jailbreak. Now what is jailbreak?
Jailbreak is the term for hacking apple product to get free apps and tweaks you device. For now,
Ipad, Iphone and Ipod touch has been successfully jailbroken. So what about Ipod nano 6th gen?
For now, hackers and developer still trying to develop hacking tool to be used to jailbreak this
device. There is a huge possibility that this device being hacked even though it doesn't have
wifi. The function of this device is very limited at the moment, but soon games and other apps
might be possible for this device. To view the progress and update about jailbreaking ipod nano
6th gen, please visit
Some people said, it will be a great wristwatch. so what do you say?

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