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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the choice of heart

what we see is not what we think,
this is fucking life and for fuck sake,
fucking live it.
we might not have everything that we want in this world,
we might even never had anything that we want,
who ever care whether it's fair or not.
who ever care whether you wan't to end your line,
so yeah,
live life.
i'm not even going to say that
" everything is going to be alright"
because, hell. it's not
this is life.
it isn't a fairy tale.
nobody is anyone's prince charming,
fuck, no one ever wanted to kiss a frog
everyone hate the hunchback,
and musketeers fight over each other,
and belle hate the beast,
so there,
if people keep on thinking of what others think about them,
you might as well go jump off the bridge or something,
because, people are people
they talk.
no matter what you do.
just live your friggin life,
held up your head high.
just don't give a fucking DAMN to anything else,
but to things that matter to you
but then again,
who cares about you

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